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2021 may 30

New painting in the geometric series.

2021 april 29

New characters on a very old theme.

2021 march 8

And new picture in the series about space of geometric shapes.

2021 february 8

Another last picture in the series about space of geometric shapes. It's a joke :) The series is being modified. More addition is planned.


Artist and graphic designer from Saint-Petersburg in Russia.

Since childhood I can't grow up.

That is in childhood it seemed to me that I was quite an adult. But later the question "When will you already growing up?!" sounded pretty often.

Even in the professional sphere — most of my rejected offers were rejected with the words "this is too frivolous/playful/childish."

I tried to grow up. But since there are no such courses and training programs it did not work out very well.
Well, the set of "adult" skills in life or in a profession is comes with age, but in creativity it is all bad.

And only recently I realized — so good that bad!

This is lack of maturity allows me to remain myself. Allows to be surprised to all bored things. Allows to understand my children. And to draw funny pictures.

And let is adult serious men and women with stone faces go their own way.


facebook instagram veryimportantlot


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