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2019 march 24
The crocodile for the 'Humanimals' series

2019 februaru 2
The squirrel for the 'Humanimals' series

2019 january 31
The leaf hunting from the 'Hunting' series

2019 january 15
The pocket calendars for the dental companies

2019 january 6
The eagle for the 'Humanimals' series

2018 december 11
The camel for the 'Humanimals' series

2018 november 26
The camel for the 'Humanimals' series

2018 november 13
The fox hunting from the 'Hunting' series

The sea turtle from the playful 'Humanimals' series

2018 october 14
Artwork opening 'Hunting' series

Artwork starting 'Geometry universe' series

Design for landing of the online-school of hair extension

Logo for the online-school of hair extension

2018 march 17
Logo for the credit cooperative

Stickers for packing

2018 january 3
Happy New Year!

Logo for the supplier of chicken production

New Year's card for the dental company

New Year's card

Web-design for the Workshop of the kitchen facades

Web-design for the Engineering researches of any complexity.

2017 november 6
Logo for the supplier of fish production

Logo for the Clinic of neurology and orthopedics

Two pictures from the Children's Look series: Bridge and Pil-tower

2017 january 1
Leafleth for the dental company.

Design of the programms about recovery of the Church facilities.

The New Year's card for the dental company.

Picture for P. A. Manotskov.

2016 october 8
Logo for the partnership of the property owners.

Logo for the law firm.

The picture on the curtain.

2016 september 3
The landscape for old friend, based on his photos.

2016 july 4
Another gift for Constantine.

2016 june 18
Exceptional case Ч very old "defective" work is reanimated, cleaned, finished and is already using. Ways are inscrutable :)

My son goes crazy from mowers and mower workers. I have drawn to him a "trimmerman" for a t-shirt. Cool!

2016 may 7
New version of the Archimedes.

Quite long work on the new website of restaurant holding "Gutsait Group" is in general finished. The program part is still ground, and I hope updating will happen soon. The new website will have main part and about 16 subsites.

2016 april 17
Logo for the bistro.

2016 april 8
Logo for a website about Kiddush events around the world.

2016 april 6
Logo for the Dental clinic. Main requirement was "no teeth!"

2016 january 8
The New Year's cards: #1, #2.

Threefold portrait.

2015 december 31
Happy New Year!

2015 december 25
City advertizing for the automobile wash.

2015 october 31
Logo for the architectural bureau.

2015 october 17
Logo for the Singing Tower. And logo for the furniture store.

2015 july 31
The label for kid's champagne.

Ecological superhorse.

Unpublished logos and designes.

2015 july 17
The smith for animation clip.

On Birthday of my friend drew a portrait of one tool.

2015 june 27
Logo for the aviamodel festival.

Illustrate for tablegame.

Unpublished logos again.

2015 may 31
For quite volume project which else proceeds, many small illustrations are drawn. Here, here and here.

Unpublished logos again.

2015 april 7
The logo for a market.

And unpublished logos.

2015 march 21
The character for stomatologists again.

2015 march 7
Logo for a skin care range.

Card for March 8.

2015 february 26
Of February 23rd there was couple of creations: the pacifistic poster and the character for stomatologists.

And from the next contest there were an offense, bewilderment and yes Ч envy. It is a pity for work.

2015 february 12
Design a Logo for a lawyer office.

2015 february 7
Design a Logo for a baby equipment rental company.

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